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Agro Economist

Joined CTCA in January 2015 as an Agro Economist Provide leadership and technical support to governments in Africa on the development, adoption and implementation of policies for farmers transitioning from tobacco to alternatives


has 10 years of commercial agri-business experience, including a wide range of assignments to manage agricultural enterprises in Uganda.  She has been exposed to providing support to deprived and vulnerable children and farming households to have the capacity to improve their lives and opportunities to become adults and entities that participate in decision making; and bring lasting and positive changes to their communities to ensure health, safety and security.

This work experience coupled with her exposure to managing gender responsive programmes and projects; and developing and operationalising initiatives geared towards development, promotion and commercialisation of Agriculture for household livelihoods through food security and income generation gives an excellent background to understanding and identifying the true issues affecting the profitability of various agri-businesses. Florence was also involved in activities that fostered income generation; informal savings and credit; and capacity development for entrepreneurial and business skill though development and operationalization of the Integrated Support to Farmers’ Groups (ISFG) approach to improving household welfare. In addition, Florence worked with children, mostly orphaned and vulnerable children on educational, food security, income-generation and health projects that were designed to support them and ensure improvement in their livelihoods. This combination gives a powerful basis for providing leadership and technical guidance on not only supporting safety nets programmes but also market analysis and market linkage; and value chain analysis and development; for food security and income generation. 

Florence has considerable experience working in agri-business and practical agricultural operations throughout the country and in the Eastern and Central African Region. Much of her recent work has been assisting small-farmers become more commercially focused, normally by guiding them into identifying commercially viable enterprises; linking them to formal financial service providers; formalising links with market intermediaries and taking a complete value-chain approach. She has also been involved in consultancy assignments including Market Analysis and Value chain analysis for various commodities as well as capacity development of communities to take charge of their development efforts. Her leadership and management skills were demonstrated through her participation in guiding the designing and operationalization of the Public/Private sector Partnership (PPP) strategy for collaboration and networking, among others.  

Email: kabugof @ ctc-africa.org 

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