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On December 30, 2016, the President of the Gambia assented to the tobacco control bill that was passed by the National Assembly on December 20, 2016.  CTCA would like to join other partners to congratulate the government of the Gambia and all the tobacco control actors upon the attainment of yet another milestone on the continent. As a Centre, we are proud to associate with this success story of the Gambia. 

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The National Assembly of the Gambia on the afternoon of Tuesday December 20, 2016 enacted the Tobacco Control Bill, 2016 into lawThis comes with a sigh relief to the tobacco control community which has worked tirelessly for the last three years to bring this process to maturity. Indeed this is a remarkable achievement to be celebrated in the advancement of the tobacco control agenda on the African continent. 

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Niamey, December 7, 2016 

The Director General   of Health Services for the Ministry of Health in  Niger, Dr. Yaroh Asma Gali has hailed the CTCA’s efforts aimed at supporting Niger to implement the various aspects of the tobacco control law.    

Dr. Yaroh Asma was meeting with a team of technical staff from CTCA currently in Niger for a mission to orient  media practitioners as well as the key actors in the implementation of the smoke free environments law. She noted that although Niger enacted the tobacco control law in May 2006, the implementation has been a challenge, adding that the initiative by CTCA to accelerate this process is greatly appreciated by her government.  Dr. Yaroh stressed the need for all the stakeholders to work together to implement the law adding that tobacco control can only be attained through a multi-sectoral approach because the effects of tobacco use are cross cutting.  She specifically pointed out the need for a clean and smoke free environment which she said is beneficial to everyone. 

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Kampala, November 10, 2016

Tobacco control advocates in Uganda have condemned the tactics by the Tobacco Industry to interfere with the 7th Conference of Parties, that is under way in India this week, 7-12, November, 2016. The Advocates under their umbrella of the Tobacco Control Coordination Mechanism/ Forum expressed concern that the tobacco industry in Uganda was lobbying government officials to use them to attend the ongoing COP 7 meeting so as to represent the interests of the tobacco industry. 

In a  joint press statement, the advocates stated that;

‘ We strongly condemn efforts by some government officials to connive with the tobacco industry to interfere with tobacco control polices even at the global level. ‘

The criticism followed media reports that the tobacco industry had lobbied some government officials to nominate delegates who would represent the Industry interest at the 7th session of the Conference of Parties. These delegates, including Members of Parliament, were nominated and travelled to India to attend the COP 7. However according to follow up media reports, these delegates that were not approved by the Ministry of Health were blocked from attending the conference, on orders of the officials from the Ministry of Health, as guided  by Article 5.3 of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control ( FCTC), section 4.9 which stipulates that; 

‘ Parties should not nominate any person by the tobacco industry or any entity working to further its interests to serve on delegations to meetings of the Conference of Parties, its subsidiary bodies or any other  bodies established pursuant to decisions of the Conference of Parties’ .

Accordingly, the TC advocates, in  a strong show of solidarity with the Ministry of Health, have  called on all government officials to abide by the tobacco control act , 2015 and desist from getting involved in tobacco industry efforts aimed at derailing public health policies.

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