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Niamey-December 17, 2015

Participants during the Enforcement training in Niger
Participants during the Enforcement training in Niger

Implementers of tobacco control in Niger have been called upon to be more vigilant in their work  as they implement tobacco control. Dr Mai Moctar Hassane, the Inspector General of Health Services with the Niger Ministry of Health was officiating at the training of thirty tobacco control implementers and enforcers facilitated by CTCA. The enforcers have been trained in enforcement and compliance as guided by the tobacco control legislation. 

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The Director General of Health Services in the Ministry of Health, Niger, Dr. Qasma Ghali has hailed CTCA’s partnership with the Government of Niger which she said will go a long way in enhancing the implementation of tobacco control in the country. 

Dr. Ghali was officiating at the opening of the tobacco control coordination workshop for partners in Niger, held at the Sahel Hotel in Niamey, December 18, 2015. She said tobacco use is a danger to public health because it kills more people than any of the other diseases. She lamented the high rate of tobacco use in Niger currently at 15% for boys and 5.7% for girls according to the Global Youth Survey, 2009. 

The meeting organized by the Ministry of Health and facilitated by CTCA is aimed at bringing together all Tobacco Control actors in Niger to initiate the establishment of a coordination mechanism for effective implementation of tobacco control in the country. It is attended by a multi-sectoral team of actors from the various implementing sectors, the media and Civil Society. 

The WHO Country Communications Officer, Mokhfar Hakima stressed the need for coordination among partners adding that it would make it easier for WHO to provide the required technical assistance and streamline implementation. 

Mr. Mokhfar said the Parties to the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) determined to give priority to their right to protect public health, with coordination as a key guiding principle requiring comprehensive multi-sectoral measures and coordinated. 

Speaking on behalf of CTCA, Ms. Jennifer Kalule-Musamba, the Acting Centre Manager reiterated CTCA’s commitment to supporting Niger to roll out the implementation of its law. She said coordination has far reaching benefits including complementarity of each other’s efforts, elimination of duplication and unhealthy competition, coordinated response to tobacco industry interference as well as maximum use of resources.

At the end of the two day meeting, the partners agreed on a model for coordinating the implementation of their activities and called on CTCA to facilitate the process to ensure harmonization. 

 a plan and implement Tobacco Control actvitiin a coordinated and harmonious manner to avoid duplication, unhealthy competition, & utilize the limited resources well

15 % de garçons fument ; Boys smoke

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for stressed the need for coordination among tobacco control partners in 

To bring all Tobacco Control actors in the country together to plan and implement Tobacco Control in a coordinated and harmonious manner to avoid duplication, unhealthy competition, & utilize the limited resources well

It is also meant  to have a unified response to tobacco industry interference. 



December 10, 2015-

The Dean School of Public Health and CTCA Director, Prof William Bazeyo has called on Tobacco Control Focal Persons in CTCA’s target countries to be more vigilant in guarding public health policies against Tobacco Industry Interference. The Dean was this morning officiating at the opening of a two day planning retreat for National Tobacco Control Focal Persons of CTCA’s target countries for Phase II. The meeting held at the Lake Victoria Serena Hotel in Kigo is attended by National Tobacco Control Focal Person from four of the five CTCA target countries including Ethiopia, Gabon, Gambia, and Niger. 

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Gates Africa Tobacco Control Partners are meeting in Addis to discuss TC updates and develop action plans for the next year. The meeting, hosted by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, is attended by both regional and global TC partners   and advocates including government representatives, grant makers, WHO, CTCA and SCOs. 

In her opening remarks this morning, Ms. Cynthia Lewis, Deputy Director, Global Policy & Advocacy Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation hailed partners for their concerted efforts, adding that much progress has been made in tobacco control in Africa due to the commitment of the TC partners in the region.  She also hailed Ethiopia for the great strides made in tobacco control.  

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1.0 Preamble

On September 19, 2015, Uganda’s President, Yoweri K. Museveni assented to the historical Tobacco Control Act ( TCA) 2015, following its being passed into law by parliament on July 28, 2015.  This Act makes Uganda one of the few countries that have gone through the process of enacting a comprehensive and FCTC compliant tobacco control legislation. The object of the Act is to protect the present and future generations from the devastating health, social, economic, and environmental consequences of tobacco use and exposure.  It gives effect to the obligations  Uganda has undertaken to protect her people against tobacco-related harms and ensures that Uganda meets its obligations as per the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC), having signed and ratified the Convention in 2005 and 2007 respectively.

We highlight the enabling factors to the passing of this act, the lessons learnt as well as challenges to the process, with a view of informing future initiatives. This paper has been informed by CTCA’s involvement at the different stages of the legislative process in Uganda.


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