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The Centre for Tobacco Control in Africa (CTCA)  will present three posters and one oral  presentation at the forth coming Endgame for tobacco Conference, to be held in  Indi, New Delhi, from September 10-12, 2013.

The conference is aimed at forging  a way forward for a cohesive policy environment combined with evidence-based community action to promote public health by reducing current tobacco use prevalence and set global and country-wise targets to protect present and future generations from the harms of tobacco use.

It will provide a platform not only for knowledge transfer and information sharing, but agenda setting for future pathways of the global tobacco control movement to put an end to tobacco. The conference will also present an opportunity for development and public health professionals, law enforcers, advocates, researchers, economists, environmentalists, social scientists, policy makers, and other identified stakeholders, especially from Low and Middle Income Countires to present scientific evidence     and share experience, innovations and ideas for moving towards endgame solutions.

Accordingly, CTCA Manager Dr. Possy Mugyenyi will make an oral presentation on how low taxes are an incentive for the increase in tobacco consumption among the youth, giving a case study of Uganda. He will also present a poster on  Tobacco, Poverty and Development: Linking Tobacco Farming & Use with Household Poverty.

Two other posters will also be presented by CTCA staff one focusing on National Tobacco Control Coordination: The cost effective strategy for harmonizing in-country tobacco control by Kellen Nyamurungi, the M&E Specialist while Namanya Ronald Reagan, CTCA’s Economist, will present a poster on Tobacco Cultivation and Poverty in Northern Uganda.

CTCA will also hold an exhibition within the WHO Country Office stall and show case  some of its tools including;

• Highlights of CTCA’s Milestones for 2012-2013

• The Various tool kits including;

Methodology for Capacity Assessment for Tobacco Control


Step by Step Guide on Developing Pictorial Health Warnings


 and the Regional Tobacco Industry Monitoring Tool Report.  CTCA will also show case a documentary advocating for alternative livelihood based on the Uganda experience, as well as an anti-smoking song targeting the youth   and warning them about the dangers of smoking.
CTCA will keep you posted on the proceedings of the conference.