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Technical Advisor Monitoring and Evaluation-CTCA: 

Kellen Joined CTCA in September, 2011 and her key roles are providing technical advice on monitoring and evaluation, support to country coordination and mainstreaming of tobacco control into Public Health and poverty reduction programs.  Currently at the Centre, Kellen has conducted Data to Action trainings for African Governments, Developed the Performance Management Plan, supported countries to access and utilize tobacco control data and information. 

 Kellen has a wealth of experience in Public Health of more than 8 years, specifically project design and management, monitoring and evaluation, mainstreaming, advocacy and organizational development. Her key achievements include: Design of Public Health projects, developing monitoring and evaluation frameworks and systems, Developing Advocacy and communication strategies, developing strategic plans, developing M&E Curriculum for Master’s Program for Makerere School of Public Health and Capacity Building for M&E.

Kellen holds a Master’s of Science in Population and Reproductive Health from Makerere University Institute of Statistics, with a two year Fellowship in HIV/AIDS management by Makerere University and Center for Diseases Control (CDC), with an award for exemplary performance.

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Email: nyamurungik @ ctc-africa.org 

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