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CTCA’s Achievements during Phase I ( July 2011-July 2014)

The period July 2011- July 2014 covered Phase I of CTCA’s operations, while October 2014- December 2017 covers Phase II of the Centre’s operations. During  Phase I, CTCA focused on six areas of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC); Smoke free environments, Pictorial Health Warnings, Ban on Tobacco Advertising, Sponsorship and Promotion ( TAPS), legislation, Tobacco Industry Monitoring and Alternative Livelihoods.    The target countries included; Angola, Kenya, Mauritania, South Africa and Uganda. 

During Phase I, CTCA attained the following key achievements: 

•Development of a functional institution with a governance structure, systems and processes.

•Developed good knowledge of the Tobacco Control landscape in Africa, understands what works and what does not, and has developed expertise, tools and resources to build capacity for tobacco control at country level.

•CTCA supported the development of tobacco control policies and strategic plans  in Mauritania , Uganda, Angola and Gambia

•Facilitated Development of Pictorial Health Warnings ( PHWs) in Kenya and South Africa 

•Supported Tobacco Control bills/ legislative processes in Uganda, Mauritania and Angola. 

•Spearheaded tax increase for tobacco products in Uganda 2013/2014

• Provided support for establishment of coordination mechanism for tobacco control in Uganda and Kenya

•Provided technical support  for the development of Regulations to Rwanda 

•Supported the process of  validation of the smoke free environments law in Gambia

•Supported Tanzania legislators to bench mark the Tobacco control legislative process in Uganda as well as the process of transiting to Alternative Livelihoods.


Pictorial health warnings HIGHEST achievements 2012-2013

Economically viable alternative activities HIGHEST achievements 2012-2013


Smoke Free Environments

Tax Groups in most Popular brand

TIM - Status Africa

WHO-FCTC status in Africa

WHO-ITP and Trade status in Africa




Tobacco Economics

Tobacco Economics concerns the growing, processing, manufacturing, and marketing of tobacco products.

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Health Economics

Increased taxes on tobacco products leading to increased prices is the most cost effective measure to reduce consumption of tobacco especially among youth.

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Pictorial Health Warnings

Since the World Health Organization Framework Convention for Tobacco Control (FCTC) (Article 11) introduced minimum criteria on health warning labels for tobacco products, the evidence for pictorial health warnings has strengthened.

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illicit Trade

The elimination of all forms of illicit trade in tobacco products, including smuggling, illicit manufacturing and counterfeiting, is one of the most important measures to reduce the supply of tobacco products. 

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Global Tobacco Control News

CTCA's Strategic Objectives

Strategic Objective 1

Support CTCA institutional development and sustainability for implementation of Tobacco Control Policies and programs in Africa

Strategic Objective 2

Support mobilization of human and financial resources for sustainable tobacco control at national and regional levels.

Strategic Objective 3

Support strengthening of tobacco control partnerships at national and regional level.

Strategic Objective 4

Strengthen capacity of target countries to formulate and implement TC policies/laws in line with the WHO-FCTC.

Our Services

CTCA offers Technical and Institutional Support to governments in Africa, pools and avails evidence and resources; and supports cross sector collaboration for Tobacco Control at National and Regional Levels.

Our services are aimed at achieving outcomes geared towards attaining the technical areas of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (WHO FCTC) including;

  • Legislation and policy,
  • Smoke Free Environments,
  • Raising tobacco taxes,
  • Pictorial Health Warnings on Tobacco products ( PHWs),
  • Banning Tobacco Advertising Promotion and Sponsorship ( TAPS),  and
  • Alternative Livelihood.

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